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The Salted Lime Sherbert is designed for the Sativa lover who, like most of us, does not have 12-14 weeks to wait for flowers. Salted Lime Sherbert is a called African Child and is a cross of an oldschool West African Sativa and a Afgan Hashplant. The African Child was crossed to the Key Lime in order to shorten flower time and increase bud size and to add color. The result is a quick flowering sativa with both green and purple phenotypes. Featuring an intense almost psychadelic highs the Salted Lime is specially designed for those looking for a mental energy. 


Only 70 boxes are being made available to the general public as a one time only release. This cultivar will never be remade. Do not miss your chance to grow a truly exceptional cultivar. 

Salted Lime Sherbert

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