Automatic CBD Hemp Cultivar 
AOSCA Certified
+15% CBD 0.2% THC


CBD Hemp Cultivar

Cannabinoid Ratio: 

 33:1 CBD to THC

Growth Cycle:

75-85 Days From Germination

Germination Rate:

96%+.  AOSA certified

Less than 1 male per 3000 plants

15% CBD on dried flowers.

Average Weight of 2000lbs-3000lbs Dry Flowers Per Acre

Height: 3.5’-4.5’ With A  Dominant Single Cola

Uniform Growth and Consistent Cannabinoid Ratios Achieved Through Multi-Generational Improvements. Genetically Unrelated to Cannatonic, ACDC, Cherry Wine, The Wife etc that are a majority of the current hemp market. 

Excellent for use in extracts as well as pre-rolls and flowers. The buds are sticky and highly resinous with a very intoxicating aroma.

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