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That old school diesel with plenty of watermelon to match. There are two primary phenotypes that each have a very distinct flavor profile. The cream pheno is so frosty that you can't even see the purple coloration underneath the frost blanket. The flavors include vanilla creamer, fresh baked cupcakes, grape fun dip powder, and more subltle tones of chemdog sour solvent. The other phenotype to look out for is what we call the purple gas pheno. This pheno is just as is sounds, deep purple towering flowers pulling massive apple fritter style colas. This pheno has a similar grape and vanilla note that is complimented by this incresibly loud and kushy sourmouth funk that will literally leave you salivating for more.


  • 6 Feminized Seeds Per Pack 

    Lineage: (Project 4516 x Watermelon Zkittlez x Lemon Tree) x (KeyLime x Soma’s Lavender)

    Flowering Time: 56+

    Available now @ Neptune Seed Bank

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