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Sparletta is a cross of the First Class Genetics' "50 Day" OG Cookie and the Umami Key Limeade. The OGCookie is a unique OG archetype with lots of deep purple streaking and finishes flowering as early as 45 days. Sparletta is the fastest flowering cultivar in the Umami arsenl and displays a wide range of colors and flavors. While some phenos are more OG in flavor the #Pastor cut (Pictured) is a sweet lemon/lime soda funk with a gassy kick from the OG parent. While she finishes in as little as 45 days I reccomed starting flush at 45 and harvest at 50 for the increase in yield and the deep color change that occurs during the flush period.


Only 100 boxes are being made available to the general public as a one time only release. This cultivar will never be remade. Do not miss your chance to grow a truly exceptional cultivar. 



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