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The pineapple soda is a collab between Super Seed Co and Umami. We took the pineapple pheno of our Agua Frescas and hit it with the SeattleSoda male that we have come to love. The male always provides frost and vigor while keeping true to the smells from the mother. You will find plenty of pineapple soda tasting phenos. It has become a staple at Grow Sciences in AZ for hash rosin because of its pineapple flavor. Many exhibit tart inhale with a very complex aftertaste with influences of ginger and flowers. The jars exude floral tones with the strain name being totally accurate and being able to smell pineapple. It also exudes an airiness, which is like inhaling the fizz of a beverage. Recommended pairing with a La Croix. 10/10 Flavor! So let’s get into it.Initial inhale is tart, puckering, and complex with strong influences of ginger and cinnamon. The exhale expands into the lungs like fizz, coating the mouth with rich citrus terps. The flavor profile can rapidly change depending on the temperature, and the flavor profile is very complex. At 480 from the puffco, I got way more pineapple, while bumping it up brings out the cinnamon. I love this strain, and it reminds me of the last drop of it from 2021. Effects: Immediate lightness behind the eyes. My friends say it’s mostly sativa, and I would assess it more a hybrid. The come up is instant. Great functional strain. 

Pineapple Soda

  • 10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

    Lineage: Agua Frescas x Seattle Soda

    Flowering Time: 60+

    Mother Lineage: Watermelon Punch x MacMints

    Father Lineage: Sodalicious x UW Purple

    Neptune Seed Bank

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