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The Mint Mango is as hash monster.  Another collaboration between Umami and Oni Seed Co, the Papaya Puch is from Oni and is a combination of the Norcal Papaya and the famous Purple Punch. Purple Punch adds the frost and the papaya modulates the grape funk terps and creats a unique grape soda mango type of flavor.


The Papaya Punch female was hunted and selected by Umami for its incredible frost content and terpene profile. The additon of the MacMints (Thin Mint Cookie x MAC) shortens the flowering time while also increasing trichome coverage and overall yield. Mint Mango will stack 3-4 foot colas with no stem in sight.


Make sure to use trellis netting or tomato cages because the buds get so large they can break under their own weight in mid to late flower. 

Mint Mango

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