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The Headband aka Underdog OG is one of the most sought after OG cuts in existance. It is rumored to originally be from NYC but she made her way to Northern California sometime in the early 1990's. Loomoly of Loompa Farms is credited with its proliferation and has blessed Umami with the oppertunity to breed with her. LimeDog OG is another perfect OG x Key Lime pairing. The Limey zest pairs perfectly with the saltwater crunch of the Headband. An incredibly potent smoke the LimeDog will outperform both parents in terms of both yield and smell. Make sure to not skimp on CalMag, as OG varietels are very heavy feeders. 1.5 EC for clones and vegetative growth spiking up to 3.0 EC in mid flower will give the best results possible. 

LimeDog OG

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