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Cherry Lime Soda (Cherry Flambe x Key Limeade)  is destined for greatness. Her pedigree and terpene profile has no equal. Cherry Flambe, created by Green Snowman is a cross of the famous Bay Area Cherry Pie and a unique male of FabFuel (Fabuloso x JetFuel OG). The fem pollen used came from my Key Limeade female. The Cherry Lime Soda is not the easiest plant to master but she is well worth the effort. Most phenotypes are similar to the Cherry Pie but have a much more potent and truly unique grape syrup and acidic soda fizz flavor. She takes on deep purples and reds during flush and you can smell these plants from a mile away. Extra caution should be taken to contain smell (if necessary) and go easy on the nutients until you get the hang of her. The Cherry Pie is known to spit pollen when stressed. Do not go over 2.5 EC or anything above 1200ppm of C02. The terpenes are well worth the effort. This is my desert island strain. 

Cherry Lime Soda

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