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Pastor P's Easy Cloning Method

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I thought I would share my 2 week method for easy/low maintenance cloning.

I use rockwool but root riot or peat pellets work fine too. (For peat, Coco etc begin at step #3 1) Soak rockwool in 5.5 pH RO/Distilled water for ~15 minutes 2) Drain water 3) Soak cubes in your current veg solution. Use the same PH, and EC/PPM as the moms you are cloning from. Mycorrhizae is critical at this stage, don't forget to add your favorite beneficial bacteria. My favorite is Phyre from Vegamatrix. 4) Take healthy top clones in the 4-6" tall range  5) Cut stem at 45° angle and soak in rooting hormone for 15-30 seconds. I use Elite 91 Nutrients Clones or Dip 'n Grow 6) Don't overcrowd the dome. I only run 18 - 36 clones per tray maximum.  7) Domes on and vents closed for 3 - 4 days 8) Open vents 1/4 turn each day until the humidity in the domes is about equal to the humidity of your veg room.  9) Remove dome by day ~10 and let the plants acclimate to the veg environment 10) Fill the bottom of the tray with a shallow film of veg solution and let the roots grow out into the bottom of the tray.  11) By day 14 your roots should look white and fuzzy and are ready to plant in your favorite medium.

Roots at Day 17. Ready for transplant!

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